Thursday 1 November 2018

InputStick firmware v1.00 (beta)

What's new in v1.00 (beta):

  • increased size of HID buffers
  • added support for data authentication on protocol level (prevents replay attacks)
  • allows to generate encryption key in a more secure way (will be supported in next InputStickUtility update)
  • added support for packet loss prevention
  • allows to detect when USB host is ready for keyboard input in a more accurate way
  • removed old method of restoring factory defaults

How to update: 

  • make sure that you have latest version of InputStickUtility app (v1.60, currently Android only)
  • InputStickUtility → My devices → select → more (dots) → Firmware Upgrade → Flash

Important info:

if your device is password protected it will no longer work with previous versions of InputStickUtility (before v1.60) or iOS apps. Make sure that you have the latest version of InputStickUtility on all your Android devices before flashing latest firmware. If you also use iOS applications, do not update yet (apps will be updated within next few days).

This release is intended mainly for those that want to test new features. Within next two weeks new firmware update will be released. It will introduce support for macros (can be executed on startup or  when remote device disconnects), additional security and performance improvements.
Once ready it will be available on both Android and iOS versions of InputStickUtility and all users will get notification that will recommend to update firmware.

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