Thursday 14 July 2016

InputStickUtility v1.47

What's new in v1.47:  

  • Added "Auto-recover connection" option - if enabled (see Settings, it is enabled by default), application will try to re-establish Bluetooth connection if it was lost (out of range, device unplugged or your phone simply dropped Bluetooth connection)
  • Added sound notification option for reminders - if "Remind to remove" option is enabled (see Settings) you can now choose following notification methods: Popup message, Popup message + Sound, Popup message + Vibrations, Popup message + Sound + Vibrations.  Note: "Use vibrations" option was removed as a result.
  • Fixed bug in "Select device" dialog - the dialog will no longer disappear when screen is rotated.
  • Fixed bugs in hu-HU, fr-FR keyboard layouts.

Thursday 7 July 2016

USB Remote v1.55

USBRemote v1.55 will be available on Google Play in a few hours. Here's list of changes in this version:

Presentation tab:

  • added mousepad to Presentation tab
  • added timer to Presentation tab
  • setting position of Controls in Presentation tab works only in portrait orientation, when both mousepad and timer are disabled
This update focuses mainly on presentation remote functionality. It is now possible to access mouse functionality directly from presentation tab, no need to switch between tabs anymore. You can also use timers to keep track of time while giving presentations. Main timer counts total time of presentation (can be manually started/paused/resumed/stopped), while slide timer counts time for current slide only and starts over from zero, each time slide is changed (Prev/Next/Jump button is used).
As a result of major layout redesign, setting position of presentation control buttons (Start, Finish, etc.) will now work only if both mousepad and timers are disabled and only when screen is in portrait orientation.

Bug fixes:
  • fixed bug in hu-HU keyboard layout
  • fixed bug when images are not grayed-out