Tuesday 31 December 2013



I've just started InputStick campaign on Indiegogo. All the details are on the campaign page, so there is no point in duplicating this here. As I've already mentioned in my previous post, this is more of a pre-orders than crowdfunding, what basically means that you'll get InputStick regardless of whether funding goal is reached or not. Since most of the development is already done, the funding goal is set relatively low. During first few days there won't be much promotion going on, but I'll definitely put a lot of effort into this during January 2014.

Why pre-order? All pre-orders get free international shipment (well, to be more precise it's already included in the price), also you'll be sure to receive InputStick from the very first production run. At this moment I can't guarantee anything about how many units will be available after the pre-orders are over and when next batch will be manufactured. Last but not least, number of pre-ordered units will allow me to estimate how many people are actually interested in this project and as a result I may put additional resources into applications development (UI, custom icons, additional functionality, possible new apps).

I'd really appreciate if you could share campaign URL: http://igg.me/at/inputstick with anyone who might be potentially interested in InputStick. Thanks! :)

Monday 23 December 2013

Almost there

It's been over a month since my last post here. During that time I've been mostly busy with getting InputStick ready for a CE certification process. Making a working prototype is one thing, turning it into commercially available product that's a whole other story. It turned out that my latest PCB revision failed at some tests (ESD), but after some modifications it looks like this shouldn't be a problem anymore. At this point I think that I've managed to deal with most critical things and I'm finally ready to start taking pre-orders, without risking a possibility of a massive delay.

Campaign will go live in next few days (most probably on December 27th) and will last till February 2nd 2014. Since I'm able to finish InputStick development with my own funds, this is more of a pre-order that a crowdfunding campaign. The difference is that InputStick will go into production whether or not funding goal is reached. As you'll probably notice, estimated delivery date is set to March 2014, which is more than two months form now. Why so late? Well, main reason for this is certification process, which will require a lot of paperwork and many things will depend more on availability of my test lab than on me. I will also need some time for manufacturing (up to two weeks) and finally one-two weeks for delivery. In the meantime I will have a lot of time to work on improving API and Android apps.