Thursday 1 November 2018

InputStickUtility v1.60

What's new in InputStickUtility v1.60:

Optional firmware update (v1.00 beta):

you can now update your InputStick firmware to v1.00: InputStickUtility → My devices → select → more (dots) → Firmware Upgrade → Flash

Important! If password protection was enabled:

  • latest version of InputStickUtility is required (make sure it was updated on all your devices)
  • iOS apps are not supported yet (will be updated in next few days)

Uses latest InputStick API:

contains latest security and performance updates. Supports v1.00 InputStick firmware. Application will no longer support older firmware versions (earlier than v0.99).

Adds delays to prevent packet loss:

this change affects only Bluetooth 4.0 InputStick devices. Until now,  in some scenarios there was a small chance that a packet loss could occur, what could result in skipped keyboard/mouse actions or firmware initialization failure. In order to prevent this from happening, InputStickUtility will now introduce short delays when sending packets what prevents packet loss from happening. Unfortunately this results in additional latency that can be noticed when using mouse or touchscreen interfaces. Devices running firmware 0.99 or earlier are particularly affected by this. Firmware v1.00 introduced features that minimizes additional latency.

If you can notice additional latency when using mousepad areas try following solutions:
  • update InputStick firmware to v1.00:  InputStickUtility → My devices → select → more (dots) → Firmware Upgrade Flash
  • disable adding delays (this will work only if you are still using v0.99): InputStickUtility → Settings → Bluetooth section → Add transmission delays → Disable


  • minor UI changes
  • bug fixes

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