Saturday 30 September 2017

InputStickUtility v1.50

InputStickUtility v1.50 will be available on Google Play in a few hours. What's new:

Firmware update:

if you haven't already manually updated your firmware to v0.99 it will now be recommended by the application (once you connect to a device with older firmware version). More info about the v0.99 InputStick firmware. If necessary, it is always possible to flash previous firmware version (v0.98).


  • firmware upgrade improvements (additional dialog messages)
  • uses latest InputStick API (bug fixes, apps can now detect if user cancelled connection process by not selecting any InputStick device or did not allow to enable Bluetooth)
  • bug fixes 

Tuesday 5 September 2017

KP2A plugin v1.10

KP2A plugin v1.10 will be available on Google Play in a few hours. What's new in this version:

*** Important ***

plugin will ask for KP2A database action notification access. It allows the plugin to know when KP2A database is opened, locked and closed. This allows the plugin to disconnect and stop once the database is locked or closed. It is highly recommended to grant the access to database actions, otherwise the plugin may not work as intended. 
To do this manually: open KP2A plugin settings -> click on Configure as plugin -> Accept    

Connection settings:

connection-related settings were completely redesigned, as a result configuration should be now easier and more intuitive:

Auto-connect: select option that best matches your plugin usage pattern. If you use the plugin often, you most likely want it to start connection process as soon as possible (so it is ready to type even before you select an action). Otherwise you most likely want to avoid connection-related messages (enable Bluetooth dialog screen, connection errors, etc.) until you actually decide to type using InputStick.

  • Disabled (default) - plugin will connect only when typing is requested. Recommended when the plugin is used occasionally.
  • Smart (default) - plugin will connect once KP2A entry is opened. If the plugin is unable to connect to InputStick (out of range connection error) it will assume that you don't have your InputStick with you and will temporarily disable auto-connect (you will no longer be bugged with connection messages and errors). Auto-connect will be re-enabled after next successful connection (when typing is requested). Recommended when the plugin is used frequently.
  • Always - plugin will connect once KP2A entry is opened. Recommended when the plugin is used all the time.
Max inactivity period: allows to specify how long the plugin will stay connected since last typing action. If you usually access only single entry, set shortest period (1 min) to reduce battery drain. If you often work with multiple KP2A entries (boot password, system password, email password, etc. all typed within a few minutes) consider selecting higher values to prevent the plugin form disconnecting too early.

The plugin will stay connected until max inactivity period is reached or KP2A database is locked or closed.

Important: old connection options are no longer used (will be ignored).


plugin will now display notification while active. Notification will disappear once plugin stops (when KP2A database is locked or closed). You can use the notification to disconnect and immediately stop the plugin. Notification can be disabled in settings.

Fixed delay bug:

the update fixes a bug that on some devices caused actions to be executed after a delay.


fixed bugs and potential security issues, several minor improvements.