Tuesday 11 September 2018

USB Remote for iOS v1.30

What's new in USB Remote v1.30 (iOS): 

Remote tab:

Remote tab was completely redesigned:
  • keyboard and mouse can be controlled from a single screen
  • user interface can be quickly adjusted using toggle switches (top row)
  • you can use your system soft keyboard (virtual keyboard)
  • or in-app keys when requested key is not available on soft keyboard or when you need more customization options (more info below)

Remote tab (in-ap buttons)

Remote tab & virtual keyboard

Modifier keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, GUI keys) are now easier to use (behave like Shift keys on soft keyboard):
  • 1x click: press modifier key, it will be auto-released when any non-modifier key is pressed
  • 2x click: press & lock modifier key, it will remain pressed until manually released

New customization options (applies to in-app keys only):
  • mode: keys can behave like soft keyboard keys (always results in pressing & immediately releasing a key) or like physical buttons (allows for press & hold)
  • dynamic labels: when enabled, key labels are adjusted depending on currently pressed modifier keys
  • physical layout: you can force using ANSI (104 keys) or ISO (105 keys) physical layout
  • feedback: key click sound and vibrations can be enabled

Fullscreen mode:

It is now possible to run Remote tab in fullscreen mode:

  • allows to display more keys simultaneously
  • always displayed in landscape screen orientation
  • can be launched from Remote tab (Fullscreen button in top left screen corner)

Remote tab in fullscreen mode

Media tab:

Media tab was removed. Media buttons can now be accessed from Remote tab.

Presentation tab:

Added presentation tab with following features:
  • presentation software shortcuts (start & stop presentation), compatible with most popular presentation applications
  • control mouse pointer
  • change slides, jump to requested slide
  • slide counter
  • presentation timer: displays total presentation time (count up / count down mode)
  • slide timer: displays time spent on current slide (reset each time slide is changed)
  • time warning (when triggered, changes timer color to red and optionally vibrates & plays sound)

Presentation tab


Macro execution process can now be paused/resumed at any moment.

New macro execution dialog

Added new macro actions:
  • Pause - pause macro execution until it is manually resumed by user
  • Play sound - plays sound to notify user about macro execution progress
  • Vibrate - vibrates to notify user about macro execution progress
  • Display message - display message on macro execution popup to notify user about macro execution progress

Bar buttons:

Added QuickConnect bar button. Pressing the button connects to the most recently used InputStick device (if not connected) or disconnects from current device.

Added QuickMacro bar button that allows to quickly execute one of 8 pre-assigned QuickMacros (can be assigned in app settings).

Both bar buttons can be quickly accessed from any tab (top right screen corner).

QuickMacro and QuickConnet bar buttons

About & Help:

About & Help section was updated and contains more information. It is now split into multiple chapters for easier navigation.

About & Help section

Application will display tips when using certain features for the very first time. Each tip will be displayed only once.

Czech keyboard layouts:

Current Czech keyboard layout was renamed to Czech-Programmers. Added Czech and Czech-Linux compatible keyboard layouts.


  • bug fixes
  • multiple minor UI changes
  • multiple minor improvements

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