Thursday 19 July 2018

KP2A plugin v1.30

What's new in v1.30:

Modified plugin behavior:

In order to increase security the plugin will now behave in following way:

  • plugin is started once KP2A entry is opened.
  • plugin is stopped when KP2A database gets closed/locked. In some cases (when the plugin is in use and there is no access to entry data) it can run for up to 10 min longer. More details below
  • plugin will stop itself when there is no activity (opening entry, typing etc.) for more than 10 minutes. (even if KP2A database is still opened). This acts as a failsafe in case KP2A crashed or gets force-stopped.
  • dialogs that have access to KP2A entry fields will be automatically closed after 60 seconds or immediately closed when KP2A database gets locked/closed. This affects following dialogs: Masked password, All actions (Select action), Select template (macro), Execute macro.
  • dialogs that do NOT have access to KP2A entry fields can remain active for up to 10 minutes, even after KP2A database gets locked/closed. This affects following dialogs & actions: Type from SMS, Type from clipboard, OSX setup, Remote

Added Type from SMS dialog:

You can now use the plugin to type text (passwords, authentication codes, etc.) received via SMS. By default, this feature is disabled, you must enable it manually in plugin settings.

How to enable typing SMS:

  • open Settings (via Launcher icon or via Keepass2Android entry menu)
  • check Listen for incoming SMS
  • application will ask you for permission to read SMS (Android 6.0 and later)

How to use typing from SMS:

  • start the plugin by opening any KP2A entry
  • wait for SMS message, when received notification will be displayed
  • click on notification (you have 60 seconds to do that)
  • click on marked text to type it
  • click Done button to close dialog and dismiss SMS notification

Important remarks:

  • SMS must be received while the plugin is active. Make sure that KP2A database won't be locked before that (this can stop the plugin). If necessary, increase time after which database is auto-locked: Keepass2Android → Settings Application Security Application timeout
  • plugin never stores content of received messages
  • currently you can access only the most recently received SMS

Type from SMS dialog

Text that can be typed is marked in blue. Text that is most likely a password or authentication code is marked in green. Application will skip certain characters, that most likely should not be typed (colon, semicolon, coma, dot).

Plugin notification is now always displayed:

This is one of necessary steps that are required to make the plugin compatible with latest Android APIs. Option that allowed to hide the notification was removed from Settings.


Bug fixes, security improvements and minor adjustments.