Thursday 16 July 2015

BruteForce app update

New version is now available in download section.

List of changes:

  • redesigned UI,
  • text file with passwords can be manually selected (from /BruteForce/ directory),
  • data set can be previewed after loading (first 100 entries),
  • sound and vibration notifications
  • more configuration options: keep screen turned on, disable screen rotation, continuous mode options
  • continuous mode (see below),
  • alternative sequence (see below),
  • updated typing sequence syntax (see below).

Continuous mode.

If selected, authentication attempts will be continuously performed until one of following conditions is met:
  • end of data set is reached,
  • limit of max attempts is reached,
  • action is cancelled by user.
In many cases this mode should make the whole process faster and require less attention, but keep in mind that the app will continue to work even after correct password is entered. You should make sure that it will not break anything in such case. Also you will not know which password was the correct one, so it is a good idea to limit number of max attempts (100? 1000?).

Alternative sequence.

When continuous mode is used, it is possible to execute alternative sequence once every N attempts. This allows to get rid of dialog windows (press Enter/Esc) and deal with timeouts (wait 30s) after number of unsuccessful authentication attempts.

Updated sequence syntax:

%p - type password
%u - type user name (pre-defined)
%u=param - type user name (defined by param)
%d - delay (pre-defined)
%d=param - delay (defined by param)
%s - type custom string (pre-defined)
%s=param - type custom string (defined by param)

%e - press Enter key
%t - press Tab key
%x - press Esc key

Example 1:
Simple case: password is entered into text field and confirmed with Enter key. Next authentication attempt can be performed immediately after failed one.

type password, wait 500ms (default), press Enter key

Example 2:
User name and password are entered into console. User must press "r" followed by Enter to retry. Once every 10 failed attempts, system is locked for 1 minute.

type user name, wait 100ms, press Enter, wait 100ms, type password, wait 100ms, press Enter, wait 500ms (default), type "r", press Enter, wait 100ms.
Set "Type alternative sequence every N attempts" to 10.
Alternative sequence:
wait 1 minute.


Main screen.


User-defined variables.

Selecting data source.