Saturday 22 August 2020

USB Remote v1.54 (iOS)

Redesigned USB Remote Macros Extension

USB Remote Macros Widget (Extension) was entirely redesigned, here's list of the most important changes:

  • number of available macro slots was increased up to 30-40 (depends on device)
  • the widget no longer uses QuickMacro slots, instead there are separate WidgetMacro slots
  • added "Connection" button - indicates connection status and allows to manually control InputStick connection 
  • added "Settings" button - open WidgetMacros Settings screen, which allows to assign macros to WidgetMacros slots
  • the widget will now remain connected as long as it is visible on the screen (previously it auto-disconnected after 15s inactivity period)

USB Remote Macros Widget

Go to WidgetMacros Settings to assign macros