Thursday 1 November 2018

USB Remote v1.92

What's new in USB Remote v1.92:

Uses latest InputStick API:

contains latest security and performance updates. Supports v1.00 InputStick firmware. Application will no longer support older firmware versions (earlier than v0.99).


  •  bug fixes

Important info:

Latest version of InputStickUtility (v1.60) introduced new feature that prevents packet loss that could occur in some scenarios (what could result in skipped keyboard/mouse actions or firmware initialization failure). Unfortunately this introduces additional latency that can be particularly noticeable when using mousepad area. This affects only Bluetooth 4.0 InputStick devices. Firmware v1.00 introduced features that minimizes additional latency.

If mousepad area no longer works as "smoothly" as before:
  • disable transmission delays (works only for v0.99 firmware): InputStickUtility → Settings → Bluetooth section → Add transmission delays → Disable
  • update InputStick firmware to v1.00 (beta): InputStickUtility → My devices → select → more (dots) → Firmware Upgrade → Flash

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