Saturday 13 February 2016

InputStickUtility 1.44

Added "Cancel"/"Disconnect" notification button - it is now possible to close connection with just a single click from notifications screen (Android 4.1 and later).
New notification icons for Android 5.0 and later.

Bug fixes in background service - solves a problem when some characters are skipped when typing starts right after connection is established (this affected BT4.0 only devices).

Application will check if USBRemote and KP2A plugin apps are up-to-date - you will receive following notification if you are using previous release of KP2A plugin or old version of USBRemote (for example: installed from .apk file).
Use "Do not remind" button to skip this check for current version of the app or go to settings to permanently disable this feature.

Modified widget/Tasker action configuration screen - removed unnecessary buttons.

Thursday 4 February 2016

USB Remote v1.51

Tasker plugin functionality:

It is now possible to enable variable replacement when using "Type text" action (enabled by default) - you can use InputStick to type values of Tasker variables, for example:

Type action, text to type: Today is -%DAYW
Result, "Replace variables" enabled: Today is - Wednesday
Result, "Replace variables" disabled:  Today is -%DAYW
Synchronous execution is now also supported, by default each action has 60 seconds timeout to complete, you can change this value in Tasker after action is added.
It is no longer necessary to add "Connect" action - application will automatically connect if necessary. You should still remember to add "Disconnect" action at the end of the task (unless you want to keep the connection alive after running the task, or just wait for InputStickUtility to close the connection after inactivity timeout).

Note: you should edit your existing actions to enable variable replacement and synchronous execution. 


You can now create a widget for typing text from system clipboard using "type from clipboard action". It is also possible to automatically disconnect after (any) widget action is completed, but only if connection was initiated by the widget. If application was already connected, this option will be ignored.

Note: this option must be checked when widget is being created. It is not possible to enable this option for existing widgets: you must remove them and create new ones.

Full changelog:

  • Widgets/Tasker plugin: will auto-connect if not connected,
  • Widgets/Tasker plugin: added "press key" and "type from clipboard" actions,
  • Widgets/Tasker plugin: fixed background service bugs,
  • Tasker plugin: variable replacement (%CLIP etc.) and synchronous execution are now supported,
  • Tasker plugin: fixed action editing,
  • Widgets: added option to disconnect after completing action       ,
  • System keyboard screen: "keep screen on" fixed for fullscreen mode,
  • System keyboard screen: back key is no longer be ignored,
  • Macros: JUMP action is now skipped if macro is executed in background.