Thursday 23 August 2018

USB Remote v1.91

What's new in USB Remote v1.91:

Presentation tab:

Layout of the presentation tab was redesigned:

Redesigned Presentation tab

Presentation timer:

  • added count-down mode
  • added option to set time warning: when triggered, main timer will turn red (optionally you will also be notified with sound and vibrations)
  • application will now display notification when presentation timer is running

When you're about to start the timer, you can set timer mode and other parameters using Presentation Timer Setup screen:

Presentation timer options


  • fixed macro recorder bug (now it is no longer possible to go back while macro is being recorded)
  • changed macro recorder notification icons
  • fixed bugs in parsing Macro Panel files

Keyboard tab:

This update fixes a bug that caused some UI elements to gain focus while using soft keyboard on Keyboard tab/Full-screen keyboard screens (when Keyboard tab is set to use system keyboard). Both should now work 100% properly when using Gboard virtual keyboard. 
Some virtual keyboards may still cause problems, depending on Android OS version. For example: SwiftKey running on Android 8.0 doesn't work properly on System keyboard tab, however it works correctly when switched to full-screen mode.

Czech keyboard layouts:

  • current Czech keyboard layout was reamed to Czech Programmers
  • added Czech keyboard layout
  • added Czech Linux-compatible keyboard layout

Important: you've been using Czech keyboard layout and want to continue using the same layout, you will have to change keyboard layout to Czech (CZ Programmers.).

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