Thursday 19 April 2018

InputStickUtility for iOS

InputStickUtility is now available for iOS devices and can be downloaded from App Store.

The app can be used to:

  • manage security settings (encryption & password protection)
  • upgrade firmware via Bluetooth
  • configure InputStick (USB descriptors, Bluetooth name)
  • quickly go through macOS keyboard setup assistant
  • test typing

InputStickUtility for iOS

Android vs iOS:

If you have already used InputStick with Android devices, here are the key differences:
  1. if password protection settings are modified (set/change/remove password), on iOS it will be necessary to manually configure (provide password etc.) each individual InputStick-compatible app (like USB Remote)
  2. InputStickUtility is not required to use InputStick-compatible apps. The Utility app can be uninstalled, however it is recommended to keep it in case new firmware update becomes available
This is a result of how Android/iOS apps communicates with InputStick devices:

Android app ↔ InputStickUtility ↔ InputStick

iOS app ↔ InputStick

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