Friday 20 April 2018

USB Remote for iOS v1.20

USB Remote v1.20 will be available on App Store in a few hours, here's what's new:

Support for encrypted InputStick connection:

USB Remote can be now used with password protected InputStick devices. To set password for your InputStick device, use InputStickUtility application. When USB Remote connects to a password protected InputStick for the very first time, you will be asked to provide the password. 

Support for touch-screen interface:

It is now possible to use touch-screen interface when using mousepad and macros. Touch-screen interface allows to move mouse pointer to desired position on screen (by providing X,Y coordinates). The result will always be the same, no matter what was the initial position of mouse pointer. 

To enable touch-screen interface for mousepad:
Control tab → Settings → Remote → Mode → Touch-screen
you should also set Mousepad ratio to match ratio of  screen resolution used by USB host.

Important: touch-screen interface will work only if it is supported by USB host and if your InputStick has firmware version 0.99 (or later). If necessary, use InputStickUtility app to flash the latest available firmware.

Touch-screen mode, 16:10 ratio is used to match 1920x1200 resolution

Touch-screen macro action:

moves mouse pointer to desired position on the screen:
  • X: 0 - 10000, where 0 corresponds to 0% of screen width and 10000 corresponds to 100% of screen width
  • Y: 0 - 10000, where 0 corresponds to 0% of screen height and 10000 corresponds to 100% of screen height 
  • button - select Move to option if you just want to move mouse pointer to location specified by X,Y parameters. Use Move to (pressed) to move mouse pointer while keeping button pressed

Important remarks:
  • it is highly recommended to use this macro action (instead of Move mouse action) for moving mouse pointer as it uses absolute screen coordinates and is independent from initial position of mouse pointer, giving you much more predictable results
  • keep in mind that depending on resolution, UI elements may be located at different position on the screen. It may be necessary to duplicate and modify a macro to adjust it to a different screen resolution
  • to click it is recommended to use Mouse click action
  • use Move to (pressed) option if you want to drag items. You must manually release button, by adding another action with Move to selected

Touch-screen macro action

Type from clipboard action:

types text from system clipboard. Text will not be typed if its length exceeds max allowed length (use 0 for unlimited text length).

Type from clipboard macro action

Managing multiple InputStick devices:

You can now see list of all InputStick devices that the app was used with:
Control tab → Saved devices
For each device you can assign a custom name (used by this app only), check details or remove it.

Tip: you can also modify Bluetooth name using InputStickUtility app. In that case it will affect all other apps/devices using particular InputStick.

Saved devices


  • minor UI changes
  • bug fixes

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