Tuesday 6 February 2018

USB Remote v1.90

What's new in USB Remote v1.90:

Shortcut Bar:

New, globally accessible Shortcut Bar allows you to quickly execute your favorite macros, keyboard shortcuts, multimedia actions, type text from clipboard, connect, disconnect and open app settings. All with just two clicks. Quick Macros 1, 2 and 3 have individual buttons (M1, M2, M3) - can be executed with just a single click.

You can see Shortcut bar just below tab bar.

To configure Quick Shortcuts and Quick Macros go to SettingsShortcut Bar.

Assign macros to Quick Macro slots.

Assign keyboard shortcuts to Quick Shortcut slots.

As a result of introducing the shortcut bar, M4 - M8 buttons were removed. Shortcut Bar is enabled by default but you can disable it in Settings Shortcut Bar)

Redesigned system keyboard screen:

System keyboard screen and its full-screen version were slightly redesigned.

Switching mousepad mode:

You can now quickly switch between mouse and touchscreen modes by clicking a button next to mousepad area.

When in touchscreen mode, click button above scroll bar to switch to mouse mode.

Now mouse mode is enabled.

Redesigned settings screen:

App settings were slightly redesigned: new sections were added: Typing options, Keyboard tab, Shortcut bar. Some preferences were moved from old sections to new ones.

Removed option to adjust position of control buttons (presentation tab):

This option did not work properly on many devices so it was removed.

Type from file macro action:

You can now type entire content of a text file when creating a macro. Type from file action can be inserted using Macro Editor or manually using following syntax:
%path - absolute path to a text file

this action will type entire content of file.txt 

It is necessary that you allow the application to access local storage.


  • bug fixes


  1. U can sell this and make some good money if only you can get it to Plug and Play and all I have to do is plug a USB into my phone and then connect the other USB to my computer and Bam I'm ready to go no drivers haven't installed and all that bull crap good work my boy good work

  2. Calculas23 said exactly what I had in mind.

    I had this idea over the night since I couldn't sleep anyways. A little research showed that this idea was being discussed back in 2011 - and I thought I had a lightbulb moment hehe. Reading through the post and here I am.

    You've added significant fearures to the app and it would be a killer app if you can release it such that it operates off of a USB cable or even a USB bluetooth dongle for wireless convenience.. boy, would I pay an easy $10 for that. I'd imagine there are tons of others who'd want to get their hands on a convenience like this esp developers and field engineers like myself.

    If you did get it out on Store or Apps with these features, do market it please. Would be a shame if a device like this doesn't get the attention it deserves.

    1. UPDATE
      Just found the dongle on your website after seeing the video on Store. I was hoping the dongle would be smaller in size - maybe like nano transceivers - but I'm definitely happy it goes in keychain since thqt's where I was going with it.

      Price tag of ~$40 is a tad above my budget but will buy it anyways from Rysc Corp. If it turns out like I hope it to work, it'll be worth it.