Thursday 26 May 2016

iOS remote app - coming soon

Remote control application for iOS is now almost ready and soon will be submitted for release on AppStore.

  • iPhone 4S or newer (with iOS 8 or newer),
  • InputStick BT4.0.

Here's an overview of available features:

  • USB host keyboard layout (the same set of keyboard layouts as available in Android version),
  • auto-connect (connect with the most recently used InputStick device when application is launched/resumed from background) and auto-disconnect features,
  • adjustable mouse sensitivity.

  • type using system keyboard,
  • move mouse using mousepad. Left and right arrow keys are also included for controlling presentations,
  • FnKeys screen allows to access function keys that are available on standard USB keyboard, but are not included on iOS soft-keyboard.

  • type text from text field (you can also use voice recognition for typing text),
  • type text from clipboard,
  • erase last input (by pressing backspace key the same number of times as there were characters in the most recently typed text).

  • control media playback and system volume.

  • create macros using following actions: type text, press and release key, delay,
  • execute macro with just 2 clicks,
  • macros can be reordered on the list.

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