Thursday 24 March 2016

KP2A plugin v1.02

Manual for the plugin in .pdf format is now available. Download.

List of changes in v1.02:
  • Warning message will be displayed when CapsLock is on
  • Text length is checked before typing from clipboard (Settings -> Check length) - plugin will prevent from accidentally typing long text, if for example entire SMS message was copied into clipboard instead of just authentication code. You can disable length checking in settings - in such case even long text will be typed.
  • Fixed potential security issue on "Masked Password" screen - it will not longer be possible to see password characters (if they were revealed) in recent apps thumbnail 
  • Save as and Load from buttons are no longer displayed when editing a template - just to avoid confusion between individual macros and templates.
  • New keyboard layouts: pt-PT and fr-CA


  1. Thanks for this update! The CapsLock warning message is useful; thanks for adding it.

    Building on that idea, you could have the plugin detect CapsLock and automatically reverse the case of the password typed. Most operating systems I've used will type a lower-case letter if caps lock is on and you press shift.

    That way, the plugin could compensate for caps lock and still type the correct password.
    Example: My password is "PassWord1". The plugin detects Caps Lock is on, so instead of sending the password and displaying the warning, it would instead send "pASSwORD1". Since Caps Lock is on, the OS would invert the keyboard input, and the password would end up being "PassWord1".

    You could have another preference to enable or disable this feature for people who's OS doesn't follow this pattern.

    Just a thought of mine. Thanks for your hard work; I've had InputStick for 1 1/2 years, and it's still going strong. :-)

    1. Thanks for your feedback Stephen. Actually the code for reversing case is already there but it is currently not used. The reason for this is that in some cases, state of CapsLock may not be detected right away. So, with such option enabled, it will be necessary to wait for additional 50-100ms before typing can be started (what complicates things just a bit). Waiting for 100ms shouldn't be a big deal if somebody needs such option, so I'll most likely just add this in next update.