Wednesday 1 July 2020

USB Remote v1.53 (iOS)

Fullscreen remote customization

Fullscreen remote view can now be customized by adjusting buttons height, width and padding. As size is decreased, buttons are moved down and towards screen edges, what makes them easier to reach when holding your phone or tablet with both hands.

Fullscreen remote customization settings

Fullscreen remote

New keyboard layouts

Application supports more keyboard layouts. Most keyboard layouts are now also available in macOS and Linux compatible variants. More info

Select keyboard layout language 

Select keyboard layout variant

Support for 3rd party apps

3rd party apps can now share text to USB Remote using URL Scheme. Shared text will appear in Text tab and can be typed with a single click. Here's a demo code

Text received from another app


  • UI changes (InputStick connection, Settings, Fullscreen remote, Share Extension)
  • better support for notched-display devices
  • fixed CapsLock key issue (did not work with USB hosts running macOS)
  • fixed Auto Fullscreen option issue (did not work in some cases)

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