Tuesday 31 October 2017

USB Remote v1.80

USB Remote v1.80 will be released tomorrow. Here's what's new in this version:

Added support for sub-directories:

You can now create sub-directories in /USBRemote/Macros/ directory to better organize your macros. Use external file manager app to create directories and move macro files. Macros stored in internal app memory can now be accessed using virtual directory: "Application memory".


Macro editor:

Macros can be now created and edited using graphical editor:
  • edit macro: select macro → Edit (preview) → Macro editor
  • create macro: New → provide name & select Editor mode → Next

Macro editor


  • external and internal storage modes are supported at the same time (macros)
  • parameters are now also supported for macros stored in internal memory (but for text values only)
  • Google Slides shortcuts (presentation tab)
  • minor layout changes
  • bug fixes

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