Tuesday 3 October 2017

KP2A plugin v1.12

New field actions

  • Type+Enter: type content of selected field, immediately press Enter key after typing
  • Type+Tab: type content of selected field, immediately press Tab key after typing (switch to next text field)

New field actions

New actions must be manually enabled: plugin settings → Displayed UI Actions → Field Actions

Added keys for Masked Password

Following keys can be pressed directly from Masked Password screen: Esc, Tab, left & right arrow keys, Enter.

Improved smart auto-connect

If smart auto-connect is enabled (plugin settings → Auto-connect → Smart), the plugin will try to connect every time an (KP2A) entry is opened. Application will temporarily disable smart auto-connect when:

  • connection attempt fails (InputStick out of range)
  • no device is selected (if you have more than once device added in InputStickUtility)
  • you refuse to enable Bluetooth

when disabled, application will no longer try to auto-connect when an (KP2A) entry is opened. Smart auto-connect will be re-enabled after you manually request typing.

Smart auto-connect works best when you use InputStick frequently (so most of the time you want it to auto-connect), but you don't take it with you when going for vacation, business trips or just forget to take it with you sometimes (and when that happens you don't want to be bugged with connection attempts that will fail anyway).


  • only single action will be queued if not connected (avoid executing multiple actions once connected)
  • bug fixes

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