Wednesday 5 April 2017

USB Remote v1.62

What's new in USB Remote v1.62:

Faster text typing:

It is now possible to increase text typing speed by >200% when using Macros, Text tab and Type with InputStick action (typing text files). See Settings -> General.

Important: fastest typing speed may not work properly on some USB hosts. Test it first!

Native language names:

Keyboard layouts are now named in both English and its native language (example: German / Deutsch). Additionally, country code is also displayed.

Keynote keyboard shortcuts:

It is now possible to switch between PowerPoint, Impress and Keynote keyboard shortcut for starting presentation (F5 vs Option+Command+P) when using Presentation tab. See Settings -> Presentation.

New macro actions:

SET_LAYOUT - allows to override currently selected keyboard layout. List of keyboard layout codes.

SET_SPEED - allows to override currently selected typing speed. Use 0 for fastest typing speed, 1 for normal typing speed, 2 for 50% typing speed, 3 for 33% typing speed, ..., 10 for 10% typing speed.

Example 1:
#use fastest typing speed (about 200% of default typing speed)
#use German keyboard layout in this macro

Example 2:
#reduce typing speed to 25% of normal typing speed
#use Polish keyboard layout in this macro

Bug fixes:

Several bug fixes, mostly related to macros.

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