Thursday 6 April 2017

InputStickUtility v1.492

What's new in InputStickUtility v1.492:


FW 0.98E optional firmware update: 

Firmware 0.98E fixes HP UEFI bug (InputStick is not being recognized as USB keyboard). This is a temporary fix, the update is NOT recommended if the bug does not affect you: it can cause problems when used with other USB hosts. 

How to update firmware: InputStickUtility → My devices → select device → Moe (dots icon) → Firmware Upgrade → Yes → select v.098E → Plug InputStick into USB port, wait few seconds → Flash.

Native language names:

Keyboard layouts are now named in both English and its native language (example: German / Deutsch). Additionally, country code is also displayed.

Faster text typing:

It is now possible to increase text typing speed by >200% for apps using HID Service (broadcasts). See app Settings.

About section for HID Service:

The section briefly explains when HID Service is used.

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