Thursday 5 January 2017

KP2A plugin v1.07

What's new in latest update of KP2A InputStick Plugin:

  • added Greek (el-GR), Belgian (fr-BE), Croatian (hr-HR) keyboard layouts,
  • added option to select "Data transfer method".

Here's some more information about "Data transfer method" options. In most cases the plugin should work just fine and there is no need to change anything. However, some users may be experiencing following problems:
  • often failures when Bluetooth connection is being established (and as a result text can be typed twice when connection is finally established),
  • text not being typed typed sometimes,
in such case you should change "Data transfer method" option to "Use broadcasts". It is possible that this option will perform better with your device. To change "Data transfer method" go to plugin Settings and scroll down to "InputStick connection settings" section.

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