Monday 21 November 2016

USB Remote for iOS v1.10

What's new in USB Remote v1.10 for iOS:


  • separated settings into categories,
  • updated help section in “About & Help“,
  • fixed several bugs.

Remote Tab:

  • added option to auto reset state of modifier keys switches after any non-modifier key is pressed (soft keyboard or FnKeys screen),
  • current state of modifier keys switches is now displayed by Mouse/FnKeys screens,
  • added QucikMacro option (more info in Macros section).

Text Tab:

  • “type in real-time” option was renamed to “auto typing mode” and “manual typing mode”
  • added QR/barcode scanner,
  • application will now use arrow keys to navigate through previously typed text in case corrections are made,
  • added QucikMacro option (more info in Macros section),
  • added option to type text when new line is started for “manual typing mode”,
  • added option to clear text area when new line is started for “auto typing mode”,
  • added option to clear text area when dictation is finished for “auto typing mode”,
  • text can be now typed in real time when voice recognition is used,
  • added option to clear text field when voice recognition is initiated,
  • added option to add additional character(s) (dot, space, enter) after voice recognition is finished. This allows to automatically separate sentences or paragraphs, without having to insert punctuation characters with voice commands.

Media Tab:

  • added more actions (Home, Back, Forward, Refresh, Search, Launch browser, Launch email, Launch calculator),
  • added option to run action with custom usage ID from HID consumer control page,
  • added QucikMacro option (more info in Macros section).

Macros Tab / Macros:

  • new actions: mouse click, mouse move, mouse scroll, media action,
  • added option to hold key(s) for a specified number of milliseconds for Key action (instead of always immediately releasing),
  • fixed issues with dialog screen displayed when macro is being executed,
  • 100ms delay is now added after every keyboard macro action (Text/Key). This short delay should give host PC additional time to process keyboard input, even if user thinks it is not necessary to add delay or forgets to do this. It is no longer necessary to manually add short delays, what makes macros easier to read and edit. This feature can be disabled in settings,
  • added QuickMacros for Text, Remote, Mouse, FnKeys and Media screens. You can assign a macro to one of six available QuickMacros slots. You can quickly execute such macros directly from previously mentioned screens, without having to switch to Macros tab and scroll through list of all macros,
  • added option to duplicate macro and macro action,
  • long pressing a macro or macro action will now open pop-up menu.

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