Thursday 14 July 2016

InputStickUtility v1.47

What's new in v1.47:  

  • Added "Auto-recover connection" option - if enabled (see Settings, it is enabled by default), application will try to re-establish Bluetooth connection if it was lost (out of range, device unplugged or your phone simply dropped Bluetooth connection)
  • Added sound notification option for reminders - if "Remind to remove" option is enabled (see Settings) you can now choose following notification methods: Popup message, Popup message + Sound, Popup message + Vibrations, Popup message + Sound + Vibrations.  Note: "Use vibrations" option was removed as a result.
  • Fixed bug in "Select device" dialog - the dialog will no longer disappear when screen is rotated.
  • Fixed bugs in hu-HU, fr-FR keyboard layouts.

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