Sunday 23 November 2014

USB Remote v1.14

New features introduced in 1.14 version:
  • Danish keyboard layout.
  • Screen orientation can now be locked in portrait, landscape mode or set to auto (default).
Most new changes are related to "Text" tab:
  • "Type automatically" option - after completing Scan, Speech or Copy from clipboard action, text will be automatically typed.
  • "Auto enter" - Enter key will be pressed after each typing action.
  • "Continuous scanning mode" - after completing QR/barcode scanning action, text will be immediately typed and next scan will be automatically launched. This will repeat until user uses "Back" action to return from scanning. This option will make scanning a lot of QR/barcodes way faster than before. Also, locking screen in landscape mode will prevent from constant orientation changes.


  1. Any progress on editing macros?

    1. This part still needs some more work, but I'm getting closer. I think I should be able to finally release update with editing features during upcoming weekend. New functions introduced in v1.14 were way easier to implement, so I decided to release the update earlier.

    2. Any ETA on editing macro's? that was a very big reason why I ordered this device.

    3. Version 1.20 is almost ready, I just need to do some cleaning up and final testing. I'll try to upload it within next 24 hours.

      The update will introduce importing and exporting macros to .txt files. Simple example of macro file, that can be created/modified using text editor:

      Text to type

      Will this work for you? Or do you need in-app editing?

    4. < name >MyMacro
      < type >Text to type
      < delay >500
      < press >enter

    5. As long as I can edit the macros. Also is it possible to have more than 9 macros?

    6. Yes, max number of macros is not limited (even in currently available version).

  2. The auto-scan is much appreciated, it was quite clumsy to use before. What I'm also missing is the ability to return to the USB remote from the notification popup - "disconnect" is useful, but most of the time I'd just like to continue a session I had to quit to let the screen go dark (I have "keep screen on" checked otherwise my screen keeps blanking out impractically often).

    1. The notification is displayed by Utility app, so it won't allow to return to USB Remote app.

      I'll add option to display notification in next update. Somehow I didn't even think that it may come useful. I thought that adding another notification wouldn't make much sense, after all there are already too many things in notification area, most of the time. Well, maybe this is just my impression.

    2. Oh, I see, I didn't make the distinction between the apps. When you put it that way it makes sense, and another notification would indeed be too much.