Wednesday 15 October 2014

USB Remote v1.13

  • Added: United Kingdom, Finnish, Hebrew, German (Mac), Italian, Swiss (DE & FR) keyboard layouts - it turns out that for some languages, Mac computers use slightly different keyboard layout. Note about Hebrew and Swiss (DE) layouts: SGCap mechanism is not yet supported, some characters won't be available.
  • Added "function" ("Fn") keys screen - can be accessed from both custom and system keyboard screens. 
  • Fixed performance issue (custom keyboard) - due to a bug, screen was refreshed 20 times a second, instead of only when necessary. This caused performance problems on slower devices.
  • Added non-US backslash key (custom keyboard, depends on selected layout) - this key will only appear when it is present in currently selected keyboard layout.
  • Fixed special characters problem for some non-US layouts (system keyboard) - sometimes US layout was used instead of currently selected layout.

Additional key "non-US backslash" will now appear in some keyboard layouts (like German). Use "Fn" button to access function keys activity.

Function keys activity.

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