Friday 21 March 2014

Quick update

Completing all components necessary to start production took me a little bit more time than I assumed. DHL can move a package from Shenzhen to Warsaw over a weekend, but then it takes three days to get it through customs office. Anyway, I've already delivered all components to my manufacturer and if there won't be any unexpected problems with assembly, devices should be ready on Tuesday/Wednesday next week. Then I have to test every single unit, upload firmware and generally double-check everything, so it looks like I'll be ready to send first devices on Monday, 31.03.2014. I'll keep you posted about further progress.


  1. Woohoo! Hardware! Thanks for the updates... :)

  2. Yiihaaa :)
    Can't wait until i can order my own inputstick!

    1. Hopefully really soon :) I should have more info from my manufacturer tomorrow morning