Monday 31 March 2014

Availability info

Hardware availability:

I've just heard from my manufacturer, all devices form the very first production batch will be ready tomorrow. I'll need one more day to come and pick them up, pre-load firmware and test each device. I think there will be no more hardware-related delays, first five devices that I received last week for testing are working just fine (more details).
  • Shipping pre-orders: 2nd April 2014. I'm really sorry for delaying this again. I tried to stick to my estimated March 2014 shipping date, but at the same time I wanted to be extra careful with manufacturing. After all one stupid mistake and I could end up with a few hundreds faulty PCBs / devices.
  • Everyone else who sent me an email regarding availability will be notified by email as soon as I'll be ready to take more orders.
  • I think that next week there should be an option to order InputStick online form


By default all devices will be flashed with "Basic" firmware version which offers you: keyboard, mouse and consumer control (volume, playback control etc.) USB interfaces.
  • So what about ability to emulate all different kinds of USB devices? This will be possible with "Advanced" firmware option, which will be available as a firmware update (via Bluetooth).
  • When it will be available? I want to release it by the end of April. Current "Advanced" firmware and API implementations works fine with all different kinds of USB HID class devices, but it requires some fixes / changes to allow to efficiently emulate other USB classes like for example: virtual comm port. Releasing currently available version now and updates few weeks later will just create a lot of mess. At the same time, basing on feedback from you I assume that vast majority of people will be happy with "Basic" firmware.
  • Why it is delayed? Because of many requests for API for other platforms I focused most on "Basic" firmware version (it already did some brief tests with Windows, Linux and Java2ME platforms). Also, I put a lot of effort into security (AES-128 encryption), access control and possibly safe way to restore default settings (remove password protection).
Some more details about why I decided to make two firmware options: Simplified firmware and API

API / Apps:
  • Android API,
  • Device Manager,
  • Remote Controller,
  • Barcode Scanner,
  • Password Manager,
  • Presentation Remote,

will be available as a direct download form on 6th April 2014. I think that first pre-ordered devices should arrive to Indiegogo backers starting from 7th of April.

If you want to know what to expect from the API take a look at Developers section (this is based on previous API version, but there won't be any significant changes).


  1. Hey,

    I just wondered if there will be any app-downloads via the PlayStore?
    Could be nice for automatic updates, rating and so on.

    Always happy to see progress. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, I'll publish my apps on Google Play some time later. I also hope that other developers will be interested in supporting InputStick in their apps.