Saturday 5 October 2019

InputStickUtility v2.00 (iOS)

Many improvements and bug fixes:

Even though the app looks almost identical to previous release (v1.01), significant parts of the app were redesigned from scratch. Application is now also more user-friendly, providing more detailed error messages and possible solutions when a problem is encountered. 

Minor UI changes:

  • application will mark recommended actions (enabling password protection, firmware update) and required actions (provide password)
  • application will provide explanation if there is a encryption-related problem or configuration changes are locked
  • firmware update, USB configuration and security-related screens were slightly redesigned

Optional firmware update (v1.10):

You can now update your InputStick to the latest available firmware (v1.10). Main new feature is an option to exchange encryption key via USB. More info below.

Firmware update

Supports new firmware features (exchange encryption key via USB):

It is now possible to exchange encryption key via USB. Here's how it works:

  • open simple text editor (Notepad etc.)
  • plug InputStick into USB port
  • open InputStickUtility → select device → switch to Security tab → Set/Change password → Generate password → adjust options → Generate password
  • InputStick generates password and types it (as a keyboard)
  • re-type password into InputStickUtility
  • the app verifies if it can establish encrypted connection using entered password. If yes, encryption key is saved

This method takes a bit more time than exchanging encryption key via Bluetooth, but in most cases should be more secure, preventing against eavesdropping attacks.

Generate password

Added in-app Help section:

In-app help is now available. It contains information about InputStick security features, shows how to troubleshoot connection problems, restore factory defaults and recover firmware.

Help section

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