Tuesday 19 February 2019

SMS Proxy

Since January 2019 InputStick KP2A Plugin can no longer listen to incoming SMS, because of new Google Play Store rules. Only way to type authentication codes received via SMS was to do so by coping SMS content to system clipboard. However this method is not ideal for users that received dozens of SMS codes every day.
SMS Proxy app is a solution to this problem. Since it is distributed as .apk file it is not affected by Google Play regulations.
You should use SMS Proxy app only if you often receive authentication codes via SMS and want to use InputStick KP2A Plugin to type the codes.
SMS Proxy is supported by InputStick KP2A Plugin v1.36 and later.

SMS Proxy - main screen

SMS Proxy - activation

How does this work?

  • InputStick KP2A Plugin starts and stops SMS Proxy app
  • when active, the app listens for incoming SMS
  • once SMS is received, SMS Proxy relies it to the plugin


  • make sure you have the latest version for the plugin (v1.36 or later)
  • download .apk
  • make sure that your Android device allows to install apps from "Unknown sources" *(.apk files)
  • install .apk
  • run SMS Proxy and give it permission to read SMS
  • open InputStick KP2A Plugin settings
  • navigate to SMS section and click on SMS Proxy App
  • click Allow


  • the app does not have access to local storage or the Internet
  • listens to incoming SMS only when activated by InputStick KP2A Plugin
  • open source
  • received SMS are never stored by the app
  • SMS Proxy must be activated by the plugin (apps exchange secret key)
  • the plugin verifies received SMS data using secret key to prevent from getting spoofed messages

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