Monday 14 August 2017

USB Remote v1.70

What's new in USB Remote v1.70:

Text tab:

  • redesigned layout 
  • Paste, Speak, Scan, Settings actions can now be accessed by clicking on More & Help button
  • added detailed help (More & Help → Text Tab help)
  • added Keyboard Input mode and Dictation Input mode. When in Dictation Input mode, additional options can be activated
  • added toggle button for turning voice commands on/off. Voice commands can be activated only when in Auto Typing and Dictation Input mode.
  • added new voice commands (see below)

Text tab - new layout

New voice commands:

  • <erase> (default keyword "erase") - clear text area, delete text from PC 
  • <speech_clear> (default keyword "clear") - clear text area
  • <speech_delete_word> (default keyword "delete") - delete last word from text area (can be called multiple times)
  • <speech_undo> (default keyword "undo") - undo last text area change (only last change can be undone)
  • <speech_cancel> (default keyword "cancel") - cancel execution of any other commands from current voice input
  • <speech_run_macro>%path - run macro file (stored in USBRemote/Macros or use full path) specified by %path, for example: test<speech_run_macro>test.txt"

How to use new voice commands:

Macro Panels tab:

  • redesigned layout
  • added navigation buttons (Back - load previous panel, Home - load default panel)
  • buttons can now link to panels, what allows for fast and easy navigation
Click on a button to load another panel

Another panel loaded ("OS")

Custom keyboard screen:

  • long click to press and hold key: when "Press and hold action" (in Settings → Keyboard (custom) is set to "Nothing until key is released" it is now possible to enabled "Long-click" to press and hold button

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