Tuesday 9 August 2016

USB Remote keyboard bug

Unfortunately USB Remote release didn't go exactly as planned. Looks like at some point data for keyboard layouts "disappeared" from the app. App build that was submitted for the release worked OK (as can be seen on demo video), however app downloaded from AppStore seems to have no keyboard layout data. As a result anything that is keyboard-layout-dependent (typing text using softkeyboard, typing text in text-area, typing text in macros) does not work (Fn Keys, Enter, Backspace keys work correctly).
This bug will be fixed ASAP with v1.01 update.

Update (10.08.16):
v1.01 update is now waiting for AppStore review:
-fixed keyboard layouts bug
-the most recently used InputStick is now marked when scanning for nearby devices

Update (12.08.16):
v1.01 update is now available on AppStore.

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