Saturday 13 February 2016

InputStickUtility 1.44

Added "Cancel"/"Disconnect" notification button - it is now possible to close connection with just a single click from notifications screen (Android 4.1 and later).
New notification icons for Android 5.0 and later.

Bug fixes in background service - solves a problem when some characters are skipped when typing starts right after connection is established (this affected BT4.0 only devices).

Application will check if USBRemote and KP2A plugin apps are up-to-date - you will receive following notification if you are using previous release of KP2A plugin or old version of USBRemote (for example: installed from .apk file).
Use "Do not remind" button to skip this check for current version of the app or go to settings to permanently disable this feature.

Modified widget/Tasker action configuration screen - removed unnecessary buttons.

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