Thursday 19 November 2015

iOS API and Demo update

Updated iOS API and demo project are now available here. Previous post about iOS API.
Note: make sure you are using latest firmware (v0.98) if you are working with OS X 10.11.


API changes:

  • many improvements and bug fixes,
  • added all keyboard layouts that are available in Android API version (see full list),
  • added mouse interface,
  • added consumer control interface,
  • added gamepad interface,
  • updated demo project.


Things not yet ready:

  • readme for the API will be added soon. Most things are already covered in Android version,
  • password protection is still not supported - if your InputStick is password protected, you must remove password protection to use it with iOS devices.


Demo project:

Demo project is a simple remote-control application. Available functions:
  • "Connect with any device" - displays list of nearby Bluetooth devices, allows to select device to connect with,
  • "Connect with last device" - attempts to connect with previously used device,
  • "Disconnect",
  • "Keyboard" screen - intercepts characters from on-screen keyboard. Allows to choose keyboard layout (always make sure it matches layout used by USB host),
  • "Mouse" screen - move mouse cursor with one finger, use two fingers to scroll. Three mouse buttons: left, middle, right.
  • "Consumer control" screen - Volume control: up, down, mute. Playback control: play/pause, next, previous, stop. Launch system default application: browser, email client, calculator,
  • "Gamepad" screen - control gamepad X and Y axes and 4 buttons.


Main screen.

Scanning for nearby devices.


Keyboard screen.

Mouse screen.

Consumer control screen.

Gamepad screen.

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