Wednesday 14 October 2015

InputStickUtility 1.42 Android M

List of changes:

ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION permission is now required to ensure compatibility with Android 6.0 Marshmallow:

Due to changes in permission system introduced in latest release of Android OS (runtime permissions), it is now necessary for application to have LOCATION permission to perform Bluetooth scanning. You will be asked to grant the permission before scanning for new Bluetooth device.

LOCATION permission is required ONLY to make the app compatible with latest Android version. Nothing else is changed. Your location is never retrieved by the app.

Android OS requires LOCATION permission for Bluetooth scanning, because under some conditions, knowing MAC addresses for nearby Bluetooth devices could allow to reveal your approximate location

Note: if necessary, it is possible to enter MAC address of InputStick device manually. In such case you must use other device to get the MAC address first.

LE scanning mode can be enabled (Android 5.0 and later, use only if default one does not work properly):

If for some reason default scanning mode does not work on your device, you can switch to new LE mode which was introduced in Android 5.0. Warning: Bluetooth 2.1 devices may not be discovered when LE mode is used!

Bluetooth troubleshooting tips (displayed before adding new device):

A few tips that can help if you are not able to discover of connect to InputStick:
  • refresh scan if your device is not found,
  • unplug-plug InputStick,
  • turn Bluetooth on-off,
  • disconnect any other Bluetooth devices (headset, smartband),
  • verification gets stuck at any point, go back and try all over again,
  • reboot device if everything else fails. 



Keyboard interface does not work with OSX El Captain (10.11). Upcoming firmware update will solve this problem.

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