Wednesday 3 June 2015

InputStickUtility 1.33

What's new in this version:
  • Modified "Add new device" screen (auto detecting Bluetooth type, advanced options).
  • Fixed bugs causing application crashes.

Most noticeable changes are related to "Add new device"screen:
  • Application will display information whether BT4.0 is supported by this Android device.
  • Bluetooth type is now automatically detected. Devices without BT4.0 support will always assume that InputStick uses BT2.1 version.
  • Behavior of "Refresh" button is now more intuitive. 
  • Introduced  "Advanced" button.
  • MAC address can be manually provided (for example when for some reason it is not being discovered by this device).
  • Bluetooth type can be manually selected (just in case if auto detection is not working properly). 
  • Device verification can be skipped, what allows to add InputStick device even if it's firmware is corrupted (if bootloader is still functional). 

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