Tuesday 16 December 2014

USB Remote v1.21

Here's what's new in latest update:

Auto connect:

When enabled (Settings -> Auto connect), application will automatically try to connect when launched or resumed. Auto connect won't be triggered when connection is lost while using the app.

Fixed mousepad bug:

Accidental clicks that appeared when using mousepad (fast finger movements) are now eliminated.

New mouse macro actions:

To make manual macro editing simpler, I've introduced following macro actions:
  • <click>button, clicks, example: <click>left, 2
  • <move>x,y, example: <move>10, -15
  • <scroll>z, example: <scroll>5

Text editor shortcut:

If macro is stored as a text file, it can be now easily opened in text editor:

"Pause" macro action:

When "pause" action is used, macro execution will be paused until "Yes" button is clicked. This can be useful when you need to wait for some time consuming operation (like starting an application or opening a file on USB host) to finish before proceeding with macro execution.

When recording a macro, use "Timer"icon to add "pause" action.


Autoexec macro:

If /USBRemote/Macros/autoexec.txt macro file is present it can be automatically executed as soon as connection is established. Useful for time critical situations, like entering BIOS before OS starts to boot. Checkbox "Run autoexec macro?" must be checked (each time) before connection is established. The checkbox won't be visible if autoexec.txt is not present.

Note: "pause" macro actions will be ignored in this case.

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