Saturday 12 July 2014

USB Remote v1.01

Yesterday I've released new version of USB Remote on GooglePlay. What's new?

- bug fixes,
- added Portuguese and Slovak keyboard layouts,
- user will be asked to download InputStickUtility if it is not installed,
- mouse can be also used from "Keyboard" tab (activated in settings). Can be laggy on older / low-end devices. May not be visible on low-res devices.

I hope that this dialog message will help to clarify that additional software (and hardware) is required. Basing on number of app installations, it looks like a lot of people not familiar with InputStick try to use this app (which in such case is of no use at all).

If your device's screen is big enough, you can now enable mouse support in "Keyboard' tab. The problem is that because the tab is already populated with a lot of UI elements, refresh rate is much slower than in "Mouse" tab. Depending on how powerful your hardware is, it may work relatively OK (Motorola Moto G, quad-core) or there will be noticeable lag (Motorola Razr, dual-core).

Also, if anyone wants me to add support for particular keyboard layout, please let me know by leaving a comment.

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