Friday 11 April 2014

USB Remote

USB Remote is now available on download page. There is also new version of Utility app ("Dialog" settings now works correctly). Text typing speed has also been significantly improved.

  • "Gui" - if you use Windows this is a "Win" key.
  • "Ctx" - context menu key.
  • "AltG" - right alt key.

Some features that will be available in next version:
  • sensitivity settings for mouse and scroll wheel.
  • scanning QR/barcodes (so it will temporarily replace BarcodeScanner app).
  • configuration for some of media buttons (at this moment: close = Alt + F4,  fullscreen = Alt + Enter).
  • ability to keep screen on all the time .
  • repeating key action, when key is pressed for a longer period of time (just like with real keyboard).
I think about making different layouts for my custom keyboard screen but this will require some major modifications, so I'll get back to it once I'm done with more important tasks.


New version (15.04.14) is now available (see download page). It includes all previously mentioned features and:
  • new "Presentation" tab: this will replace Presentation Remote app.
  • allows to scroll tab list and set which tabs should be visible (useful for low resolution devices).


  1. This thing is awesome! Consider that MythTV can play Youtube clips, but the WiFi remote functionality apparently breaks on "space" characters, so the only way to enter a title to search for is to select and press letter by letter on the on-screen GUI keyboard using the arrow keys. Now, do I really need to explain how much easier it is to just type in the title directly using InputStick...? One of the sticks definitely gets glued permanently into the back of the MythTV box (ok, just kidding about the glue)... ;)

  2. Nice :) BTW check out new version

  3. Looking good. As an idea for the password manager - it would be incredibly useful to have it integrate with the barcode scanner (or vice versa) such that scanning a URL that has associated credentials stored (same website) would prompt those to be typed in automatically (or possibly ask about what to do with the URL, including the option to log me in). There are lots of QR browser extensions that easily pop up the current URL as a QR code on a simple mouse-over, this would facilitate quick auto-logins enormously.

    Alternatively, even a specialized extension could be created forking one of the existing ones with the explicit and exclusive purpose to trigger a login to the current URL when scanned without any prompts at all. I'm just throwing around ideas of course, not looking to sound "entitled" - InputStick is great as it is already... :)