Tuesday 15 October 2013

New PCB and enclosure

Some time ago, I've decided to switch to a different type of enclosure. Here is the result:

Old InputStick vs new one:

Changes than can be noticed by end user:
  • Cap "locks" in opened/closed positions.
  • Takes less space in "opened" position.
  • Weight reduced to 8g (from 15g).
  • Dimensions: 57.5mm x 19.5mm x 9.5mm (vs 56.5mm x 19.5mm x 10.5mm).
There are also some changes that were made to make InputStick easier to manufacture:
  • More space inside enclosure allowed to improve PCB layout. Now it is easier to attach debugger/programmer.
  • Pushing back Bluetooth module by 1mm allowed to use SMT USB connector. Also, now there are proper slots for mounting it.
  • Some minor layout changes.
So far everything looks good. I'm not 100% sure about the colour yet. It may remain black and white or it will be entirely black or white. Of course final version will also include logo.
BTW: I've also received an estimate for contract manufacturing, however there are still some details to discuss.


  1. Looks really good. Unfortunately my keychain is already large enough to start having its own gravity (hey, it's all "essential" stuff), but I'll manage somehow. This, and the iMpulse controller I'll eventually be getting (funnily enough, that one does the exact opposite of inputstick) I'll need to have around. Well, I *did* say it's all essential stuff... :)))

  2. Where do you buy an inputstick and how much does it cost? I would like to make an app that integrates with swype.

    1. There will be possibility to make a pre-order soon, please check this blog or inputstick.com next week, there should be more info by then. The price will be $40 (including shipment) and estimated delivery date: December 2013 / January 2014.

    2. Hey, can i also programming Code in Visual Studio 2008 or later, Vb.net from a Windows Pc ?

    3. At this moment I don't plan to release InputStick API for VB, although I want to support PCs later on. Since my code is written in Java, it should be relatively easy to port Android API to Java SE. Recently I've done some quick tests with Java SE and Bluetooth, so I guess that someday I'll also write some sort of server application that will allow PC applications to use InputStick:

      PC application <-TCP/IP-> Java server application <-Bluetooth-> InputStick

      Not an ideal solution, but still way easier to do than porting Java code to VB. Developing a VB API is of course possible, but I have no VB experience. At this moment, developing Android API and apps is my top priority.

  3. Hey. Can i Online order the InputStick ? How is the Homepage to order ?