Tuesday 22 January 2013

Keyboard and mouse demos

Here's a short video showing InputStick used as a USB keyboard and USB mouse:
I know that quality is not great so I'm posting some screenshots here:
Settings Activity.
Enter Bluetooth MAC address.

In order to connect smartphone with a InputStick device it needs to know its Bluetooth MAC address. In demo applications it has to be entered manually, but Bluetooth device discovery might be implemented as well. In both cases whole configuration process shouldn't take more than 30 seconds and has to be done only once.
Keyboard Demo application, not connected yet.

Keyboard Demo application, connected with InputStick.
Type some text.

When "Type" button is pressed, application will use InputStick to type content of text field. "<<" and ">>" buttons are respectively mapped to Shift+Tab combination and Tab key, which allows to switch between different text fields (for example: switch from "user name" to "password" field, when logging in). "Enter" button obviously emulates pressing keyboard Enter key :) 
InputStick emulating USB keyboard.

InputStick appears in Device Manager as a standard USB keyboard, so there are no special drivers required. Since OS thinks it is a physical keyboard, you can use IS to do anything that can be done with real one.
Mouse Demo application.
Here you can see main activity screen of Mouse Demo application. LMB and RMB stands for Left and Right mouse button, remaining empty area is used as a touchpad.
InputStick emulating USB mouse.
Just like in previous demo, OS thinks its a real USB mouse... because well, actually IT IS! So, that's it for now, in next few days I should prepare some more demo applications.

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